bedroom gallery wall before and after

I wasn't kidding when I said our bedroom hasn't been touched since we moved in. This was our sad little corner just a few days ago.
I've been inspired by all of the lovely gallery walls I've seen surrounding TVs and other furniture and decided to take all of our "leftover" artwork and create one in the bedroom. Charlie wasn't home to help with the measuring/placement on the wall, and I didn't want to wait for him, so I decided to wing it and hope for the best. The gallery wall gods must have been shining down on me because I got the configuration right the very first time and didn't have to move a single frame. I have a couple more pieces that I'm waiting to get framed that I will to add to the right.
There are a few more touches to add, like pom pom trim for the curtains, a shelf for plants, and changing out the hardware on our dresser with these Lulu knobs from Anthro, but I think she's coming together nicely!

home updates

I'm working on our bedroom and decided to find another home for our x-benches. They've landed in the living room for now. What do you think? I'm still debating on which curtains to order. I'll be posting some options later this week for some opinions in the blog world!
 Things are slowly coming together in the entryway. I found this poodle statue at HomeGoods and just knew I had to have it even if I didn't quite know where she would go. I think the entry is a nice place for her. 
I spray painted our curtain rods gold (DIY coming soon!) to match the hardware I've ordered and will be hanging these colorful curtains.
Things always come together so much more slowly then I want them to, but it's only because I'm waiting for the perfect pieces and spend so much time moving things around and living with them until they look just right. Completed entryway and living room pics will be posted in a few weeks!

entryway design board

I'm still working to complete our entryway. Due to measurments, my original plan didn't work so I've been at a standstill trying to figure out what to do. I ended painting our RAST and using it as an entry console, and I recently scored these curtains seriously on sale at Anthropologie. I wasn't sure where I was going to put them, but I think they'll brighten up the entry nicely.
I'll keep you updated as the project comes along!