one room challenge - week three

Welcome back! If you're just now joining me for the One Room Challenge, make sure to check out where we started in week one and week two!

Here is a look at some of the finishing touches that I plan to add to our laundry room. I'm going for a modern coastal sort of vibe in here, and I think this artwork by Susie Bettenhausen is total perfection for this space.

>> light fixturebrass hookspainting onepainting two, runner<<

Last Thursday we took out our old flooring and prepped for the new floor.

We started tiling on Friday night, and surprised ourselves by getting the floors tiled and grouted by early Sunday evening, allowing us to have a little bit of time to relax over the weekend.

We put in the new cabinets on Monday and got the door painted and hung by Monday night.

This floor-to-ceiling cabinet is my organizational dream. It holds all of my cleaning supplies perfectly.

We will lower the shelf above the washer and dryer once we tile the backsplash, which we've decided to extend along the back wall (thank you for your input last week!). It looks a little plain now, but once the countertops, backsplash, new hardware, and accessories are installed, it will add much needed texture.

I'm still on the fence about my light fixture situation. The cabinet doors clear our current light by less than 1/2", which makes me a little nervous about my light fixture choice. Right now, moving it isn't an option because we just recently had the walls and ceiling skim coated and I really don't want to mess with repairing the ceiling myself. If the light fixture I chose doesn't work, my plans are to use it in our hallway and convert this to recessed lighting for now. Stay tuned for how this pans out!

Here is what we have left to finish:

  • Install new flooring

  • Install baseboards - These are cut and ready to be painted!

  • Possibly install crown molding This is now out due to the height of the cabinets.

  • Install new cabinetry

  • Paint interior door and water heater closet door

  • Replace water heater closet door hardware

  • Install cabinetry hardware

  • Install marble countertop

  • Install backsplash

  • New light fixture

  • Finish painting walls and ceiling

  • Install solar tube lighting for natural light. After looking at the Solatube lighting this weekend I found that I was not a fan of the fluorescent looking light the tubes gave off. We're getting all of our windows replaced in a couple of weeks, so we're going to talk to them about how much it would be to add a completely new window into the space.

  • New rug, art, baskets, and hooks

As always, don't forget to check out the rest of the linking participants to see the progress they've made, and come back next week when we plan to have baseboards installed, new countertops picked out, and the backsplash started!

$20 quick design fix + giveaway

Almost daily I am receiving design questions from people with projects that aren't big enough to justify hiring an interior designer, but they still would like a designer's advice before proceeding with a purchase. Other times they know what they need, but they just want help finding the right pieces in their budget. When I searched for a solution, I found people have very few options for when they want to consult with a designer, but don't need to actually hire an interior designer. My answer to this problem: $20 Quick Design Fix℠!

Here are a few examples of what you will get with a Quick Fix.

This client needed help finding a 9' x 12' rug that was under $1,000 and also fit into her existing living room decor.

 This client was having trouble finding affordable and attractive storage for her open bathroom shelving.

 This friend had her paint color and rug picked, but wanted help deciding between finishes for their TV console:

Other examples of questions that would qualify for a Quick Design Fix℠ are:

"What pillow combinations would work with my sofa?"

"What type of drapery do you recommend for my nursery?"

"What are some neutral-toned gray paint colors I can try?"

I've been cleaning up my website to make it easier to navigate and find what you need. You can

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project: master bath remodel

We've finally received the wintery weather in Dallas that the rest of the country has been hit with all winter. I know I'm in the minority, but I absolutely love it. I'm sure it's partly because I don't have kids in school and I'm also lucky enough to not be forced out in it because of my job. I feel like a kid when I wake up to a yard covered in snow.

It's hard to believe that in just a few months we'll be lounging in that pool!

While I've been cooped up in the house I've started scheming up a plan for our upcoming master bath remodel. I'll be sharing many more details of the renovation in the coming weeks, but here is our current plan:

I've been really leaning towards adding cement tile for the flooring, but I keep going back and forth between this and just doing the entire floor in the 2 inch hex. The hex is definitely a classic, so for resale this makes the most sense. I'm ordering samples of the moroccan cement tile to hopefully make my decision easier! Which one do you prefer?

One thing I'm definitely excited about is mixing the chrome and matte black fixtures. We've decided to do a chrome rain shower fixture, possibly two depending on the design, and we're going to add extra overhead lighting because it's incredibly dim in here at night. I'm completely obsessed with these modern matte black sconcestowel rack, and paper holder. Also, I can't believe I'm finally saying this... but our guest bathroom is officially finished! It's been about 95% finished for a few months, but we only just recently got in there and finished out the small details that really make a difference. I'm shooting the bathroom next week, so keep an eye out for the reveal next Monday!