one room challenge - laundry room reveal

Wow, I had been ahead of the game for most of the One Room Challenge, but reveal week definitely snuck up on me! It's almost finals week, and if you've been in school for interior design, you know it's full of a whole lot of all nighters. Between working on final projects, an open house presentation of my work, portfolio reviews, program interviews, volunteering, and Charlie being out of town this weekend I had absolutely no time to finish up and style our laundry room. I'm pretty bummed about it, but I figured I would still go ahead and show you the progress we've made over the last six weeks. You can read all about the transformation in these posts.

Here is what it looks like today! Even though it isn't quite complete and I wasn't able to get it styled, I'm still very happy with the progress we've made in just six short weeks. Unfortunately my baskets did not arrive in time, and I didn't have time before shooting to implement plan B, so the shelf is sitting empty for now. 

We used Ikea's new line of Sektion cabinets. These hang on a rail and don't sit completely flush against the wall which gave us a bit of a gap between the backsplash tile and cabinets. We have a small piece of trim to close the gap, it's just waiting for me to paint and install. I've also found some crown molding that will close the gap between the cabinets and ceiling to give the room a finished look.

Things we still have left to do:

  • Install baseboard behind the door

  • Install trim to fill gap between tile and cabinets

  • Install crown molding to fill gap between cabinets and ceiling

  • Install trim to finish washing machine outlet box

  • Install tubular skylight

  • Baskets for shelf

  • Hang hooks

  • Styling

I want to give a big thank you to Linda from Calling it Home for hosting this challenge, and to everyone else for following along and leaving encouraging comments along the way! If I hadn't participated I'm sure our poor laundry room would have sat in its unfinished state for many more months. 

After my finals are over next week I'll get to work on the finishing touches, so keep an eye out on instagram for the final laundry room reveal, as well as other exciting remodeling projects we have planned for the summer! Don't forget to check out the 20 amazing transformations that were revealed on Wednesday, and the linking participants sharing their reveals today!

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4x10 beveled subway tile - Floor and Decor

shelf brackets

pendant light

wall color

door color



sea urchin wall decor

basket - HomeGoods

one room challenge - final week!

It's here! The week before the One Room Challenge reveal. So much progress was made this week, and it now looks like an actual room!

This week I spray painted our old shelf brackets gold to go with our new hardware. This was an impromptu decision, and I'm so glad I did it!

Drilling into our newly tiled wall to place our shelf was a bit nerve-racking, because short of ripping out the tile, there is no going back if you make a mistake! Thankfully we got it in with no problems. Also, this is bit of a side note, but if you haven't tried the limited edition peony scent from Mrs. Meyers you have to try it! I found mine at Target, but they can also be purchased through the Mrs. Meyers website. I'm so obsessed with the scent that I stocked up on enough to last me until next season!

All of the accessories (except for the baskets) arrived this week and are waiting for their install!

Finally, these brushed brass beauties will be used on all of the cabinets. We have these same handles in chrome in our kitchen, so after not finding anything else I liked, I decided on these to tie in with the rest of the house.

Here is a final recap of our to-do list:

  • Install new flooring

  • Install baseboards

  • Possibly install crown molding This is happening, but not before the reveal. We have other obligations this weekend and next week that will be preventing us from having time to install this.

  • Install new cabinetry

  • Paint interior door and water heater closet door

  • Replace water heater closet door hardware

  • Install cabinetry hardware

  • Install marble countertop

  • Install backsplash

  • New light fixture

  • Finish painting walls and ceiling

  • Install solar tube lighting for natural light. We have settled on a skylight, but installation will not happen before next week. I'm so excited about this, because getting natural light in here will completely change the space!

  • New rug, art, baskets, and hooks The baskets may not make it in time for the reveal, but I have a plan B.

  • Install trim piece around washing machine outlet box.

Thank you for following along. Don't forget to check out the rest of the One Room Challenge participants! There is some serious talent this time around!

one room challenge - week 4 progress

Wow, I can't believe we're now only two weeks away from the One Room Challenge reveal!

This week there wasn't a lot of visual progress, but there was still a lot completed. We changed our minds for the third time, but we have finalized our backsplash to this oversized beveled subway tile. We like this option better than the plain subway tile we had originally planned to use since it will bring some more texture into the space. This is going up this weekend once our countertops get installed.

 Speaking of countertops, after searching all over Dallas our fabricator was able to get this carrara marble remnant for us! They measured yesterday, and we're on the schedule for installation today!

Here is a close up of the floor tile. It was very affordable, and I really love its linen texture. We used a warm gray grout that we will also be using on the subway tile backsplash.

 My Hicks pendant arrived this week and we'll be installing her this weekend!

I also got our water heater closet door painted. I debated about painting the vent the same color as the door, but I don't have a paint sprayer and I was worried it would look sloppy with a brush. I left it white because no one will ever see this door unless they're in the laundry room with the door shut (which will never happen). We're still waiting on the matching lever to arrive, so we have a temporary knob on here for now.

By next week everything should be installed and ready to be photographed for the big reveal in two weeks!

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