royal baby wallpaper

In honor of the royal baby that will be making their debut at any moment, today I'm sharing with you my favorite wallpapers for nurseries. Although I think these would really be lovely in any room!

laundry room design board

For an apartment, we have a pretty large laundry room. Usually it's just a little closet, but now ours is big enough that I feel like I want to make it pretty. Here are some cheerful laundry room images that I pulled for inspiration.
Ideally, I'd wallpaper the shiz out of the room and call it a day, but we have textured walls so I'll have to get creative to get the look I want.
Ever since seeing this Beetlecat wallpaper by Katie Ridder done so well in Bailey McCarthy's bathrooms here and here, I've been trying to figure out some way to pull it off in an apartment situation. I've got some ideas spinning in my head on how I can use it in our laundry room, so just for fun I created a board of my dream laundry room for our apartment (the wallpaper looks wonky on the board because of the lighting in the online photo). I won't be able to put it all over the walls, but I'll have it in there in some way. I'll keep you posted on my progress!


I'm totally loving this zebra print.
If you've been on Pinterest at all, I'm sure you've seen this lovely yellow scarf.
Monogram + bright colors + zebra = The perfect ipad case.
It reminds me of this Scalamandre wallpaper that I have obsessed over for years. Fun Fact: Did you know this wallpaper was created in 1945 for Gino's restaurant in Manhattan? Well, now you do!
loving the zebra wallpaper
If Kate Spade has it in her bathroom, you know it has to be good!
scalamandre zebra wallpaper
I also still want this pillow so very badly. I just can't justify $160 pillows that will be used by my dog more than myself.
kelly green and zebras - fun!