best ceiling fans under $200

Surprisingly, one of my most pinned posts is from when I was trying to decide on a ceiling fanfor our bedroom last year. I recently went through another ceiling fan search for our new home, and realized most of the ceiling fans I posted about are either no longer available or they are much higher in price from when I originally posted. Here is an updated list of my favorite ceiling fans under $200!

christmas home tour

Even though I used almost exactly the same Christmas decorations, this year's Christmas home tour feels totally different. If you missed it last year, check it out in this post. This year felt a bit weird. Just as we were finally getting the house clean and cleared out from the renovation, I dragged out our stuff and filled it back up again. I normally decorate everything at once, but this year I did it slowly because I felt a bit overwhelmed bringing even more stuff into the house. If you've lived in a construction zone, then you know exactly what I mean! Now that we're almost finished, you get to see a sneak peek of all the rooms I'll be sharing in the new year!

We found our Home Depot giving away all of their tree trimmings, so I scooped some up to put into vases around the house. This has been my favorite decoration this year.

I spy Tobias.

We got a fun new tree that has both white lights and big multicolored bulbs. Since I was trying to keep it simple this year, I only put on about half of our ornaments. Also, after many years of searching, I finally found a tree topper I like!

Seriously, I'm loving these tree trimmings. They also make everything smell like Christmas, something we've never had with a fake tree!

we're in!

Oh, hey. Remember me? I've been a bad blogger recently, but for good reason. We've officially closed on our home and got our keys yesterday! We're about to kick it into high gear for renovations and we'll hopefully be in the house by mid-May. 
I'll be sharing what we're doing room by room over the next couple of weeks. Stay tuned!