a little bit to celebrate

As of today I can finally say the major construction (and dust) is behind us, and we're now able to start focusing on finishing rooms. We have lots and lots of painting left, and then I can start getting in and really decorating the rooms. I can happily say that our living room and kitchen are finally useable, and to celebrate, Charlie brought me home my favorite flowers. Here are two peeks of our living and kitchen:
Of course, I'll be posting full reveals as soon as they're ready!


Oh so many things have been happening around here. We have spent the last few days in Austin, so I'm taking today to catch up. 
Stay tuned this week for an Austin recap, new design boards, and for some living room sneak peeks!

instagram updates

Even though our apartment is an absolute mess and filled to the brim with boxes (did I mention how stressful moving is?), I couldn't resist stocking up on some flowers to bring a little pretty back into our place.
Also, how cute is he? It's hard to stay stressed when you look at this sweet, peaceful face.
 Like I mentioned in my post earlier this week, stay tuned for some very exciting things that are happening around here!