30 before 30 bucket list

In October I turned 28 and sort of freaked out that I'm slowly creeping out of my 20's and up into my 30's. Something about 30 seems so "adult" and serious, like I should have my shit together by this point. I'm on the right track, but I've been creating this running list of things I want to see, do, and accomplish before I hit the big 3-0! Some are big goals, others are quite silly, but they are all things I'd like to have happen in the next few years. 
1) Learn how to do my own handy work (installing light fixtures, sewing drapery, re-upholstery)
2) Take a road trip to Canada
3) Take Charlie on a surprise trip to Ireland
4) See the Northern Lights
5) Own a car that I really love
6) Get a room I've designed featured on a major blog, online magazine, or in print. (January 2014) 
7) Finish my degree in interior design 
8) Grow my design business to a full-time job
9) Hire at least one employee
10) Open a curated online shop
11) Learn how to garden and keep my houseplants alive
12) Commit to finding a house I really love and buy it
13) Completely redo and update my own home
14) Lose these last 15 pounds and reach my goal weight
15) Travel to at least 3 new places a year
16) Make a real difference in at least one person's life
17) Volunteer at least once a month
18) Win an award
19) Score a really amazing vintage piece on the cheap
20) Get skilled at taking vintage furniture and turning it into something fabulous
21) Be in NYC for the Rockefeller Center tree lighting or the Macy's Thanksgiving Parade
22) Learn to manage tasks in small pieces to keep from getting overwhelmed or stressed out
23) Learn to cook one really fantastic go-to meal, and cook at least 3 times a week
24) Anonymously help out a complete stranger 
25) Rescue another dog (and a cat for Charlie)
26) Have at least one year's worth of expenses in savings
27) Continue networking and attend at least one large blogging or design event (High Point, ALT, etc)
28) Run a 1/2 marathon
29) Continue to get professional photographs to celebrate our wedding anniversaries
30) Learn that less really is more

pillow styling for kufri life

I mentioned in yesterday's post that I started a new job as Creative Stylist and Marketing Assistant for Kufri Life Fabrics. Here is a little sneak peek at some of the styling I've done for our new website and lookbook coming soon!
All of the fabrics are authentic handwoven Indian ikats and the core collection is hand printed on 100% cotton, so lots of love went into making these fabrics fabulous! Be on the lookout for the new e-commerce site to go live. I will announce it here on our Twitter page

ALSO, tomorrow I'm announcing my BIG black Friday and Small Business Saturday surprise! See you soon!

instagram updates

You might have noticed my absence on the blog and social media lately, most of it is because life got a little crazy after my birthday. Out of control school work, I lost a very special person in my family, and I started a new job. As you can imagine, it was A LOT to take in. Thankfully things have begun to get back to normal and I have some time to share a few instagram updates!
I started a new job as Creative Stylist and Marketing Assistant with Kufri Life Fabrics (more on this in tomorrow's post)! You can catch me on our new Twitter and Instagram accounts!
I've been hard at work styling pillows for our new e-commerce website coming soon!
 I completed a quick design project where I helped a client pick fabric for her office. It's going to be totally fabulous.
Another Prada, Marfa portrait was sent away to its new home. Stay tuned later this week for a very special Small Business Saturday surprise!
 Trimming the tree with my new pom pom ornaments from Anthro. Obsessed.