monday ramblings

This weekend I did a little experimenting with a new look for the blog. I've also changed my contact buttons to the right and added my new bloglovin' account and Etsy shop! Google Reader is going away, so I created a bloglovin' account that you can use to follow me instead. If you've never used bloglovin' before, I highly recommend it. You can follow all of your favorite blogs on one site and at the end of the day they also send you a daily feed with the latest posts! They also have an option to import all of your blogs from Google Reader, so it's seriously convenient. I've also got some ideas in my brain that I hope to implement shortly via Etsy... Stay tuned!

Charlie and I spent our Easter weekend being lazy. We didn't do a thing and it felt pretty good. The weather was absolutely gorgeous, so we did make sure to get in a nice long walk. 
Love that ranunculus are back in season!

Today Charlie and I start the Eat to Live diet. I found it pretty difficult to find appetizing recipes, but after what felt like hours scouring Pinterest, I found a few to get us started. I'll be posting the good ones on here every Monday in case you're interested in following along. Going all vegan isn't such a huge leap for me, since I usually eat 2 out of 3 meals a day vegan, but it will be a huge deal for Charlie. The biggest challenge for me will be limiting my grain intake to one serving a day and cutting out all sugar, except for fruits. I know these six weeks will be worth it though. My main goal is to lower my blood pressure, but any weight loss will be a much appreciated added bonus!