more home updates

I did one final (I hope) rearrangement in the living room. I kept the sectional on the same side, but switched the side table and basket, and so far this one has worked out best for us. Doing this finally gave me a place to hang one of Charlie's guitars. I also replaced our coffee table with a smaller version of the one we already had. I don't love it, but it was cheap enough that I won't mind replacing it when I find one that I do.
Can you spy my new mint dishes?
I finally got my desk area back together.
After looking through all of my home office inspiration pics, I've realized the reason why I'm still not in love with this area is because it looks so darn cluttered. All of those pretty pictures don't have a massive computer and printer, which is obviously not realistic. I think I'll like it much more when we get a new computer this fall.
Not only will it eliminate 90% of our cords, but it'll also give me space to put something like this (minus the wheels) next to the desk for our printer, freeing up a ton of space on the desk.
Can you believe the desk I'm using today, is the exact same desk that I got for my 2nd birthday? As much as its small size drives me nuts, it's hard to get rid of it!