one room challenge: headboard dilemma + surviving week 4

Darn you, week four! Everything has been going relatively smoothly, but the week four wall is hitting hard.  The first problem is that our white linen headboard turned out to be not so white.

Screen Shot 2016-10-26 at 10.15.19 PM.png

It's way more beige/cream so it doesn't pop against the walls like I wanted. I've gone back and forth a hundred times on whether or not I'm going to keep, but I really love the shape and after seeing this photo, I think I can still find a way to make it work.

I apologize in advance for the bad photos. They were all taken on my phone and at different points during the day, so the color is different in every single one! 

After getting it away from the beige carpet I liked it a little more, but my main issue is that it is very similar in color and texture to the fabric on the dresser. It's too close without being the same and it bothers me because it looks like a mistake. I really want some more contrast between the two, which I'm hoping will be solved by changing to an all-white bedding.

You can see the fabric on the dresser in the photo below. I'm also debating about losing the guitars and putting some artwork above the dresser, because the more I stare at the guitars, the more they look too out of place. This art is too small, but I have another piece in mind that may work.

The second problem was the difficulty we had with the crown moulding. Both rooms that we've installed crown moulding in previously were recently remodeled, so everything was relatively square. This room is original, and when you combine walls that are almost 50 years old with a foundation on clay soil nothing is square. We didn't really think too much about it until we started putting it up and realized we should have measured the angle of each corner before cutting! I wasn't about to take down and completely redo everything, so I'm using a lot of wood filler to disguise our bad cuts. It looks pretty terrible right now, but you won't be able to tell once I've caulked, sanded, and painted everything. 

The third problem I encountered this week was with accessories. The planter I really wanted was sold out, so I went with this option from Anthropologie. I knew it was going to be small, but it was laughably small. It was smaller than my hand and there is no way anything but an air plant could fit in there, so back to the store it's going.

I also ordered this clock under the impression that it would be white with gold hands, but it's straight up beige with beige hands. I still think it's kind of cute, so it may stay. I'm not sure on this one.

I did manage to get the shelves on this side of the closet installed. I have both my printer and paper shredder plugged into a power strip that can easily be plugged into the outlet next to the closet door. I love how they're hidden away, but still convenient. I also made some room for guests to hang clothes or put away their suitcase. When we move I plan to rearrange the shelves so it functions better as a bedroom closet, but for now this setup works great for us.

I feel a little bummed about my progress this week, but hopefully it's nothing a little trip to HomeGoods and some online shopping can't fix! 

My to-do list for the next two weeks:

  • paint walls (finished!)
  • paint baseboards and trim that I never finished (from two years ago!)
  • touch up closet doors
  • hem curtains
  • install crown moulding (finished!)
  • clean out closet, rearrange shelving, add shelves to the right side (finished!)
  • fill gap at top of the closet doors
  • finalize design plan (finished!)
  • order new headboard (finished!)
  • mount new tv (finished!)
  • add accessories and finishing touches

As always, a big thank you to Linda from Calling it Home for hosting this challenge. There is major progress with the Wednesday participants, and don't forget to check in on the progress of the Thursday participants as well!