one room challenge: week 3 progress

I was able to take a short break from working to get some bigs things accomplished this week! l finished painting the walls, trim (hallelujah!), mounted the tv, purchased and painted the crown moulding, and made all of the final purchases for the room. What do you think of the new lavender walls?

We mounted a 24" tv in the corner that can be pulled out and rotated when we have guests. Otherwise it'll stay flat against the wall. 

This is what the tv will look like when we don't have guests – I still need to paint that cord cover.

Since I'd like to reuse as much as possible from the old room, I'm debating about using these two leftover tables for the nightstands. They're the same height, but I don't love how unbalanced they feel. I plan to switch them to help balance out the visual weight of the room, but I'll need to see what they look like once the headboard arrives (hopefully next week!) before I make a final decision about them.

I spent many hours cleaning out tons of things from this closet. It has all of my office and etsy shop supplies, and I've made room for guests to hang their clothes. I used these acrylic file containers that are much easier to access than my previous file boxes. I also ordered these brass labels for each drawer. I still need to go through those two large containers (hopefully getting rid of almost everything in them) and Charlie is hanging two more shelves for me this weekend.

My plan for this week is to get the crown moulding up, patched, and caulked, and get the remainder of the closet shelves up.

My to-do list for the next three weeks:

  • paint walls (finished!)
  • paint baseboards and trim that I never finished (from two years ago!)
  • touch up closet doors
  • hem curtains
  • install crown moulding
  • clean out closet, rearrange shelving (finished!), add shelves to right side
  • fill gap at top of the closet doors
  • finalize design plan (finished!)
  • order new headboard (finished!)
  • mount new tv (finished!)
  • add accessories and finishing touches

As always, a big thank you to Linda from Calling It Home for hosting this challenge. The Wednesday participants  have some gorgeous things happening, as do the whopping 229 Thursday participants!!