bits and pieces

Here are a few bits and pieces of life lately:
Charlie took me to see Vampire Weekend for an early birthday gift.
I almost died when I saw their stage design... floral wallpaper and gold mirrors.
A band after my heart.
 Found this great console at HomeGoods. I only wish I had a place for this find!
 I did, however, score this awesome mid-century clock for our bedroom. It makes me happy.
Love when shops and restaurants get festive. This local bar was decked out in Halloween decor.
Confession: I had two (and a half) Sprinkles Cupcakes this week.
It was my birthday though, so I don't feel too bad :)

instagram updates

Wow, I can't believe it's already been a week since I've posted! I've been super busy, and am very happy to say that I'm officially booked for my design services until the end of September. I'm starting a wait list, so if you're interested please contact me!

 I started my classes this week. So far it's been interesting to learn about the technical side of interior design and not just all of the fluffy, pretty stuff (even though that's fun, too!).
I just sold this giant 24" x 36" canvas to go in one lucky person's home. If the person who purchased this is reading the blog... please send a picture! I'd love to see it in your home!
Charlie's birthday was last week, so I couldn't resist adding a little flair to the house. Remember his decorations last year? I didn't do as much this year, but they are so happy I haven't taken them down!
On the night of his birthday we went to a musical downtown and had a little staycation at The Belmont. I'll have a post on the hotel tomorrow!
We were in the mood to stay in for dinner, and didn't want to leave Toby alone just as we got there, so we ordered room service from their restaurant Smoke. We shared the mac n' cheese and bbq fries... total comfort food.
After our staycation we drove up to Norman and I got to visit these two little cuties for the first time. I'm in love!
We also went to two wedding showers for my future in-laws. Love the mixed up china at this tea party shower.
Last but not least, our Summer's End Cocktail was featured as Foodista's drink blog of the day. If you haven't already, make sure you check out the recipe!