valentine's day instagram updates

A few Valentine's Day Instas from this week: 
My office exploded from so much crafting. I liked it.
We had some fun trying out different mustaches on Tobias. He looks quite dapper, don't you think?
He also got treated to a Valentine's bedding upgrade.
I'm so very grateful to have shared the last 12 Valentine's Days with this guy.
I hope everyone is having an extra special day with their loved ones today!

14 days of love

A few more of my 14 Days of Love...

Day 8: I filled up a moleskin notebook with little love notes and wrote one thing that I love about him on each page.
The front part opens up to say "What I love about you" and "Valentine's Day 2014" I found these little stickers at Michael's.
Day 9: A box of Reese's Pieces and a note that says "I love you to pieces!"
Day 10: A couple of his favorite candies and "A treat for my sweet" note.

14 days of love

It's that time of year again! I mentioned in my last post that I would get my 14 days of love up today. I was out of town for business, and then Charlie had to go out of town, so my days of love are a little off as we will be celebrating v-day a little later this year. Here are a few that I've given him so far!

Day 2: Adhesive mustaches (found in Target $ section) glued to pink paper straws. I included this "I mustache you to be my valentine" tag and we had a little photo shoot together! We also included Tobias in on the fun. Who knew a dog with a mustache could be so cute (I'll share pics in my Valentine post!)
Day 3: I found these cute hot sauces at Target, and paired them with this "You spice up my life" tag from Williams-Sonoma.

Day 4-7: Charlie had a business trip to NYC, so I snuck a few of these cards and love notes in his suitcase for each day.

I'll be sharing the last 7 days soon! In case you need some inspiration before then, you can see what I did on days 8-14 last year!