ceiling fans in the bedroom

In my last post I mentioned that we'll be able to choose the lighting in our bedrooms. I've always lived with the generic fans that they put in apartments, so I was excited to get to choose our own this time. We like to keep our room cool at night so for our master bedroom a ceiling fan is really the only option, and during the summer in Texas, it's almost a necessity.  After looking around I'm realizing there are a lot of seriously ugly fans out there, and almost every single one of my bedroom inspiration images shows a pretty chandelier in the bedroom, so they aren't much help. After searching for quite some time I finally came up with these images that show you can have a fan and a pretty bedroom!
I've narrowed it down to my six favorites, but I'm leaning towards either number three or number six the most.
Do any of you know a good source for pretty ceiling fans? I'd love to take a look!

UPDATE: Check out my most up-to-date post on ceiling fans under $200!