instagram updates

Oh so many things have been happening around here.
Last week I got the opportunity to volunteer with Dwell With Dignity and help paint for their upcoming Thrift Studio!
 Found these awesome fabric elephants while I was waiting to pick Toby up from the groomer.
Went to a lovely backyard rehearsal dinner for my brother-in-law and brand new sister-in-law!
Her fab wedding table decorations.
Their first dance. Aren't they the cutest? Also, please notice my handsome hubs strumming the guitar in the background ;)
I snuck this sweet picture of my in-laws during the reception.
 And I can't share pictures without putting up one of this guy...

I'm almost finished with an e-design project that I'm excited to share. Stay tuned!


Now that spring clothes are making their way into stores I've finally been able to find a coral dress for the wedding that I'm in this March. I'm stuck deciding between these two. I really, really like the first dress, but the $28 price tag of the other dress is very tempting. If I got the second dress, I'd probably have it shortened to just above my knees, otherwise I think it would look a little frumpy.

the dress

Okay, I know I said I would never talk about wedding related things again, but I stumbled upon these two dresses from J. Crew and had wedding dress envy. The dress is supposed to be one of the main events at a wedding, but I'll admit that mine ended up being a bit of an after thought. After looking at pictures it looked plain and the flower on my dress decided to be all weird and droopy. I so wish these dresses would have been available during my wedding!