delivery driver thank you treats

While I was cruising through Instagram stories the other day, I came across such a great idea by Zan Farrow. She posted about leaving a basket of treats on your front porch for the delivery drivers who are extremely busy, overworked, and overwhelmed this time of year. I loved this idea because I always want to give them something during the holidays but they hardly ever ring the doorbell, or if they do, they’re gone by the time I can get to the door. I thought this was the perfect opportunity to give them a little treat even though I don’t ever actually see them.

delivery driver treat basket.jpg

The snacks were a HUGE hit, and every single delivery driver has taken something since I’ve put them out. They’ve all started ringing the doorbell again, and I’ve actually had a few wait for me to open the door before leaving. I plan to use this for multiple years, so I laminated the sign (I have a small laminator leftover from my teaching days, ha!) and taped it to a small plastic container – it only took a few minutes to make! I make sure to bring it in every night so the food doesn’t get eaten by the neighborhood cats and opossums that like to hang out on my porch, but if you left it out every day you could make this a lot cuter with a fun basket or bucket and incorporate it into your front porch decor. Add a few styrofoam discs to the bottom to bring the treats closer to the top, drape some holiday fabric over the styrofoam and the edges of the basket or bucket, arrange a few faux branches and add a chalkboard thank you sign for a super easy and attractive display!

If you don’t want to make your own sign, I’ve included a free PDF that you can print off below:

Do you leave treats out for your delivery drivers? If so, let me know how you display them in the comments below!