upcoming trends in design

Yesterday I wrote about what is currently trending for 2016, and today I'm focusing on what is forecasted to make its way into the world of interiors. While the minimalism trend that I spoke about yesterday is still going strong, it's predicted that we will be seeing a lot more luxury and mystery in the coming years. I wouldn't necessarily say any of these forecasted trends are surprising, and I'm not sure I'd really call any of these "trends" but rather "classics making a comeback."


You either love it or hate it. I'm in the camp of love it... as long as it's faux. With so many great looking faux options, I never find it necessary to use the real deal.

>> via Rue <<


I'm sure this one comes as no surprise to anyone, as it has been making the rounds in the design world for some time now. I think using it in an unexpected way is the key to keeping it interesting.  Pssst... If you're looking for ways to use marble in your home, but don't like the upkeep, look for a post coming soon!

>> via Little Green Notebook <<

dark rooms with rich texture

This is the response to the bright white, simple rooms we are currently seeing everywhere. You will start to see cozier spaces with interesting details and a mixture of styles. 

>> Alexa Hampton via Habitually Chic <<

>> via Elle Decor <<

mixed metals

People have been doing this for years, but this is a trend that almost made it and then sort of faded off the radar for awhile. Look for this one to show up more often in the coming years.

>> via Design Manifest <<

>> via Apartment Therapy <<

Are there any of these that you'd like to incorporate into your home?