modern coastal laundry room reveal

Since I haven't yet had any satisfying progress photos for our current One Room Challenge makeover, I figured I'd share with you the final photos from our laundry room makeover during the last challenge. When I last updated I had not had time to style or finish a lot of the trim work, so these photos are a more complete version of the room as it is today. With our many projects going on in the house we have not yet had time to put the crown molding or skylight in, but we'd like to do these all at once when we put up molding in our guest bathroom and master bathroom.

If you need a refresher on how the laundry room looked when we moved in you can catch up in this post.

I just love this hot pink lucite container that works perfectly to keep our dryer sheets handy without displaying their ugly box!

We do have a lot of positive news to share about our master bath progress for the current One Room Challenge (finally!). I'll be updating you in this Thursday's update!