one room challenge - week 3

Thank you so much to everyone for the reassurance on my tile choices last week - it's good to know I'm not crazy for thinking it works together! Not a single thing from the to-do list got completed this week, but I'm not giving up just yet.

I spent about an hour on Tuesday trying to chip up the thinset that is left on the foundation from pulling up the tile, but I only got about 1 square foot finished before it felt like I had broken both my wrists! We promptly ordered a demolition hammer to take the rest of it off and to help break up our old shower pan for the plumber. Charlie took off of work so we have a four day weekend to complete the floors and hopefully get everything ready to lay tile next week! This means that we'll soon have a new toilet set and we can finally get our bathroom vanity out of our bedroom! It's only small progress, but it's progress nevertheless.

We also have a some promising leads on a couple of plumbers and a roofer, so all hope is not lost :)

Meanwhile, these pretties are just sitting around waiting to be installed:

>> tile, drain, towel bar, towels <<


  • Move vanity plumbing
  • Move shower plumbing
  • Install new insulation - next week!
  • Install new concrete board and drywall
  • Reframe shower
  • Pour shower pan
  • Install new square drain cover
  • Waterproof shower
  • Install floating shelves above toilet
  • Install new toilet - next week!
  • Install shower niche
  • Tile floor (next week!) and shower walls
  • Install new shower fixtures
  • Install new faucet
  • Baseboards
  • Frame out window
  • Door trim
  • Paint walls, door (next week!), and trim
  • Styling

So, while things might be looking bleak to be finished in the next three weeks, I'm not. giving. up. No matter what, at the end of this challenge we'll be much further along at a complete master bathroom that we were when we started!

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